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Letter regarding distribution of Syllabus for class 6th to 10th Session 2014-15 || Download Syllabus Distribution 01-04-14
Edusat Telecast on 26-03-2014 regarding Scholarship Schemes 26-03-14
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule - April 2014  || Download Schedule 26-03-14
Change of date (07-04-2014) for Parent Teacher Meeting 25-03-14
Parent Teacher Meeting on 26-03-2014 21-03-14
Soft Skills Development Program Workbook (Part-II) for Class 12th 19-03-14
Revised Edusat Time Table Session 2014-15 11-03-14
SA-2 Sample Question Papers Class 4th & 5th || Math & English (4th-5th Class) 06-03-14
Letter regarding Edusat Programme Schedule Session 2014-15 || Copy of Schedule 03-03-14
Stop cheating during board examination for class 10th and 12th 01-03-14
Registration & Nomination of schools under Inspire Award Scheme 25-02-14
Sample Papers (6th & 8th) ::   Class-6th |  Class-7th |Class-8th
Pre-Board Sample Papers (9th & 10th) ::
  English |  Hindi (Download Hindi Font)|Math |Punjabi |SST |Science
Reg. SA-2 Evaluation for 4th to 8th and Pre-Board for 10th and Annual Exam for 9th


Seeking information of working Head masters/mistresses  | Download Performa 14-02-14
Exposure visits of Students from classes 6th to 8th 11-02-14
Training to members of Schools Management Committee under RMSA 10-02-14
Complaints of Hardware installed in ICT/Computer Labs 10-02-14
Changes in Edusat January-February,2014 Schedule 28-01-14
Updation of school related information on ePunjabSchool Web Portal 28-01-14
Training to School Heads on Safe School Vahan Scheme through Edusat 27-01-14
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule February, 2014 || Copy of Schedule 24-01-14
EDUSAT Program Telecast on Safe School Vahan Scheme 21-01-14
Monthly Magazine under Dept. of School Education, Punjab 05-01-14
Post line evaluation for Science & Math for classes 6th, 7th and 8th 03-01-14
Guidelines for community training 2013-14 27-12-13
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule January, 2014 || Copy of Schedule 26-12-13
Guidelines for House Hold Survey 2014-15 ||  Survey Formats 12-12-13
Crash Course for Medical and Non-Medical Students through Edusat
Schedule for Crash Course  || Download Study Material
Utilization of School Grant & Minor Repair Grant under RMSA 10-12-13
Mental Ability and Scholastic Aptitude Test - 2013 05-12-13
Guidelines for PSTSE-2013 ||  Sample OMR Sheet 10th Class ||  Sample OMR Sheet 8th Class 05-12-13
Result NTSE-2012-13 10th Class || OMR Sheet NMMS  || OMR Sheet NTSE
Question Paper NTSE 10th Class
Celebration of National Education Day on 11-11-2013 07-11-13
Guidelines for Drugs Free Schools || Related Logos 05-11-13
Quiz Competition at District & Block Levels 31-10-13
Special Program through Edusat on Vector Born diseases 30-10-13
Remedial Teaching to Slow Learners 28-10-13
Approval of Data in Scholarship Website "Aashirvaad" 28-10-13
Science Fest-2013 By Pushpa Gujral Science City 23-10-13
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule November, 2013 || Download Time Table & Schedule 23-10-13
Painting competition on water conservation-2013 22-10-13
Applications are called for two year ETT Course Session 2013-15 22-10-13
Public Hearing on 23-11-2013 for Disposal of Pending Court Cases 17-10-13
Funds directly transferred from Website of Post-Matric Scholarship 15-10-13
Inspection of Construction Work of Civil Works under RMSA 01-10-13
Establishment of Math Labs/Corners in Govt. Schools 27-09-13
Remedial Teaching for Slow Learners 27-09-13
Energy Conservation Paining Competition 27-09-13
Parent-Teacher & SMC meetings on 30-09-2013 26-09-13
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule October, 2013 || Download Schedule  || Download Time Table 23-09-13
SA1 Evaluation of 4th to 8th class and 9th-10th Sept.2013 Exam. 11-09-13
Maintenance and fault rectification of EDUSAT Equipments 11-09-13
Special Lecture through EDUSAT on Drug Abuse 06-09-13
Edusat program for NTSE & NMMS competition exam. preparation 06-09-13
Training of School Heads on Financial & Taxation matters through Edusat 04-09-13
Updation of records of Degrees etc. in Service Book of Employees 02-09-13
Electrical Mains Supply in the Edusat E-Libraries | School List & Performa 02-09-13
Clarification reg. Mobile allowance in vocational departments 02-09-13
Regarding Mathematics subject in schools 31-08-13
Revised Schedule for training of School Heads on financial matters through Edusat 30-08-13
Evaluation Tools/Papers for SA-1 and September Examination 30-08-13
Legal Literacy Mission Program through Edusat on 04-09-2013 30-08-13
Mid-Day-Meal to students during SA-1 Evaluation 30-08-13
Evaluation of class 4th to 8th and September Exam of 9th to 10th 29-08-13
Training on financial matters for School Heads through Edusat 26-08-13
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule September, 2013 || Copy of Schedule 22-08-13
Revised Edusat Time Table - 2013 20-08-13
Competitions on Math Subject to be organized at Block & District Level 19-08-13
Energy conservation painting competition - 2013 19-08-13
Regular updation of school attendance record on ePunjabSchool portal 19-08-13
ਵੱਖ-ਵੱਖ ਮਹਿਕਮਿਆਂ ਦੇ ਵਿਦੇਸ਼ਾਂ ਵਿੱਚ ਪਰਮਾਨੈਂਟ ਰੈਜੀਡੈਂਟ/ਗਰੀਨ ਕਾਰਡ ਹੋਲਡਰ ਮੁਲਾਜਮਾਂ ਦੀ ਸੂਚੀ ਭੇਜਣ ਬਾਰੇ| 19-08-13
ਸਕੂਲ ਸਮੇ ਦੌਰਾਨ ਵੱਖ-ਵੱਖ ਅਧਿਆਪਕਾਂ ਵਲੋਂ ਡਿਉਟੀ ਤੇ ਜਾਣ ਸਬੰਧੀ | 17.08.13
Live telecast "Meet a Scientist" through Edusat on 17-08-2013 08.08.13
Regarding Math & Science Baseline Evaluation Tools for classes 6th, 7th, 8th  || Performas 07.08.13
Mid Line Evaluation of Social Science for class 6th, 7th and 8th 05.08.13
Letter regarding CCE based registers || Class-wise Register|| Subject-wise Register 29.07.13
Dr. Hargobind Khurana Scholarship Scheme for Brilliant Students || Scholarship Form 25.07.13
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule for August, 2013 || Copy of Schedule 24.07.13
Letter regarding monthly distribution of Syllabus for 11th & 12th
» Biology | » Chemistry | » Commerce | » Humanity | » Mathematics | » Physics  | » English
Maintenance and Quality of of Mid-Day-Meal 18.07.13
"Spelling Bee" activity of English Subject 12.07.13
Regarding Nominations for State Award 2013 10.07.13
Letter regarding evaluation of 9th & 10th class || Evaluation Performa 02.07.13
Appreciation to Students/ Teachers/ Administrators for Inspire Award Exhibition held on 29-31 June, 2013 10.06.13
Summer holidays in schools of Punjab 31.05.13
Change in timing of Govt Primary School 24.05.13
Maintenance and complaints of Edusat equipments   || Do's & Dont's 24.05.13
Best results by govt. schools in 12th board examination 23.05.13
Registration of complaints for Edusat Library, SITs and ROTs 23.05.13
Revised Inspection Schedule for June, 2013 for Nabha Circle 23.05.13
Letter regarding theft of Edusat Equipments 21.05.13
Change of Correspondence Address of DGSE Punjab 21.05.13
Instructions: Scholarship for Minority Students in All Schools
Letter from Director General School Education Punjab || Letter from Social Welfare Dept. for Pre. Matric Scholarship || Letter from Social Welfare Dept. for Post. Matric Scholarship ||Advertisement for Pre & Post Matric Scholarship
Instructions for CCE Register of Class 4th to 8th 14.05.13
Start Kandh Patrika 09.05.13
Tables Quiz Competition | Specimen for Class 6th & 7th | Specimen for Class 8th 09.05.13
Use of Albendazole Tablets for Students 08.05.13
Letter regarding Edusat Time Schedule May-2013 || Time Schedule 29.04.13
Rationalization Policy 2013 Instructions Regarding Rationalization | Rationalization Policy 2013 | Rationalization Policy for Science/Commerce Staff | Performa 1 | Performa 2 | Amendment in Rationalization Policy | Instructions for Rationalization | Self Declaration Annexure-A 24.04.13
Amendments in fees collected from students of Govt. Schools 18.04.13
Performa for Objections related to seniority of Master Cadre 18.04.13
Letter regarding use of Guides in Govt. Schools 11.04.13
Letter regarding Vidayak Calendar (Upper Primary) 2013-14
» Download PDF file of Calendar
Updation of information on web-portal 09.04.13
Special Programme on Elementary Education for Primary Teachers having B.Ed. qualification 08.04.13
Letter written by Abrahim Lincoln to the teacher of his son 05.04.13
Inspire Award Seminar at District Levels 05.04.13
Regarding Vidyak Calendar 2013-14 04.04.13
Practice Sheets for revision of class 6th,7th,8th students
* Updated Sheets
Public Notice regarding Absent Teachers 04.04.13
Admission of students in Govt. Schools for session 2013-14 03.04.13
Standard Format for admission in Govt. Schools || Checklist 03.04.13
Regarding promotion from Non-teaching to Master/Mistress Cadre 03.04.13
Activities to be undertaken for Social Science subject for 2013-14 03.04.13
Social Science Baseline Evaluation for class 6th to 8th 02.04.13
Math & Science Kits prepared by NCERT 30.03.13
Letter regarding distribution of syllabus for class 6th to 10th
Hindi || Math || Punjabi || S.St. || Science  || English
Use of Edusat Labs by ICT First Phase Schools 28.03.13
Syllabus of English Subject for Session 2013-14 26.03.13
Increase of Cooking cost under MDM 26.03.13
Distribution of Free Text Books to Students of Govt. & Aided Schools 26.03.13
- Letter regarding Edusat Schedule (April-2013)
- Edusat Schedule
Organizing Parent Teacher Meeting on 30-03-2013 21.03.13
Distribution of Text Books to Students of Govt. & Aided Schools 21.03.13
Soft Skills training of English Teachers through Edusat 19.03.13
Certificate to Students on passing Elementary Cycle (8th Class) || Certificate 15.03.13
Parent-Teacher & Community members meeting in all govt. schools on 28-03-2013 13.03.13
Proper distribution of Text Books for the session 2013-14 13.03.13
Regarding examination of 4th & 5th Classs to be conducted during March, 2013 13.03.13
Summative Evaluation for classes 4th to 8th & Final Evaluation for 9th class 08.03.13
Purchase of computer by school heads for administrative use 05.03.13
Use of facebook site of Dept. of School Educations by Schools 05.03.13
Steps taken to stop copying in on-going Board Examination-2013 05.03.13
Regarding School Welfare Funds 04.03.13
Identification of low-vision students and their treatment thereafter 02.03.13
Teacher Training Module for Inclusive Education || Cover Page 01.03.13
Use of school grounds for sports activities 28.02.13
Regarding Board Examination for class 10th & 12th 28.02.13
Regarding local holidays in schools 28.02.13
Regarding winter holidays in schools 28.02.13
DGSE message to all primary schools for celebrating Annual Day 27.02.13
Schedule (1st to 15th March, 2013) of Radio Programme "Suno Sunao" 27.02.13
Free Treatment of 3 to 6 age group Anganwadi Children under NRHM Health Programme 27.02.13
Post line Testing Tools for class 6th,7th & 8th 2012-13  
Maths || Science || SST || English
Regarding public functions in govt. schools 22.02.13
Revised Admission Form for Govt. Schools 22.02.13
Publications of Punjab Language Department 22.02.13
Post line evaluation of students of class 6th, 7th & 8th 22.02.13
Steps against copying in Board Examination of 10th & 12th 21.02.13
Script Writing for Film on Drug Addiction 20.02.13
Release of Magazines by Senior Secondary Schools 19.02.13
Postpone of Radio Programe "Masum Bachhe Aur Maharaja Ka Insaaf" 19.02.13
Collection of Exam. material by administrative staff of exam. centres 19.02.13
Regarding farewell parties & functions in govt. schools 19.02.13
Regarding amendment in rule 11(1) of RTE Act 18.02.13
Message of Education Minister - Punjab for School Magazines 18.02.13
Child care leave for female employees 13.02.13
Standard Format for Admission in govt. schools (updated) 12.02.13
EDUSAT Time Table for Session 2013-14 12.02.13
Updation of data on 12.02.13
Regarding SA-II Evaluation March-2013 11.02.13
Soft Skill Training of English teachers teaching classes 11th & 12th 11.02.13
Change of school timing 11.02.13
Celebration of Annual Day in Primary Schools 06.02.13
Sample Model Question Papers for 9th to 12th classes
Biology/Chemistry/Physics || Commerce || Economics/Pol.Sci/Phy. Edu./History
English || Hindi || Mathematics || Psychology || Punjabi (Add. Subject)
SST/Punjabi || Science || Sociology || Vocational
Show Cause Notice to Absentee Teachers (Punjabi)
Show Cause Notice to Absentee Teachers (English)
Regarding volume of loud speakers in religious institutions 30.01.13
Updation of data on by 10-02-13 28.01.13
Regarding Complaints of SITs, ROTs & Edusat Libraries 28.01.13
Dismissal order of convicted employees 28.01.13
Distribution of work among computer teachers, subject teachers and clerks 25.01.13
Online Grievance Redressal System for Primary Teachers 25.01.13
Pre-board evaluation and evaluation of 11th-12th class in March 23.01.13
Regarding pre-board (February) and Evaluation of March Examination (Math) || Structure of Question Papers 22.01.13
Letter to Deputy Commissioners for regulating the use of loud speakers in religious institutions 22.01.13
Letter to Senior Superintendent of Police for regulating the use of loud speakers in religious institutions 22.01.13
Order of regularization of computer teachers 21.01.13
Visit of Students to Pushpa Gujral Science City 20.01.13
Appreciation to schools by DGSE, Punjab for publishing magazines || Magazine Photos 17.01.13
No Edusat Telecast on 18-01-13 due to holiday 17.01.13
Schedule of Radio Program from 15-31 January 2013 11.01.13
Admission of AIE Volunteers for ETT Course session 2012-14 11.01.13
Edusat program on 2nd Saturday for preparation of Competitive Exam for Medical & Non-Medical Students 10.01.13
Treatment of children having Hole in Heart and Cancer 09.01.13
Grievance Redressal Cell 09.01.13
Verification of U-DISE Data 2012-13 08.01.13
Information on Students belonging to Minority group for pre-matric scholarship 08.01.13
Soft Skill training of English Teachers through Edusat 08.01.13
Change in schedule of radio program "Suno Sunao" 08.01.13
Non-Teaching duty of teachers 04.01.13
Checking of website and notice board regularly 04.01.13
Work distribution among computer teachers, subject teachers and clerks 03.01.13
Schedule of Radio program "Suno Sunao" from 7th to 31st January, 2013 03.01.13
School winter holidays and change of school timing || Revised Instructions 03.01.13
Functioning of SMCs and monthly meetings rearding 02.01.13
School Magazine and welfare funds 01.01.13
Instructions/Guidelines issued during : 2009 || 2010 || 2011 || 2012