KOMAL a short film on Child Abuse
Content Date of Upload
Cancellation of posts advertised under Edusat 11-02-2019
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule February - 2019 | Schedule (PDF)  | Schedule (DOC) 30-01-2019
Special Programme through Edusat 10-01-2019
Letter regarding 12th class Edusat Tutorials Study material of Science subject
Biology || Chemistry || Mathematics || Physics
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule January-2019 | Download (DOC) | Download (PDF) 28-12-2018
Edusat programme on Cursive Handwriting 18-12-2018
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule Decembe-2018 | Download (DOC) | Download (PDF) 30-11-2018
Cancellation of EOI called from Film production companies under Edusat 19-11-2018
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule November 2018 | Download (PDF) | Download (DOC) 30-10-2018
Regarding Non-Transmission of Signals from Edusat 17-10-2018
EOI document for short documentary film || Advertisement 12-10-2018
Corrigendum for Selection of Cloud Service Provider for Cloud Server Services 11-10-2018
Instructions regarding smooth functioning of Edusat Network 08-10-2018
Letter regarding revised edusat schedule October - 2018 | PDF File | DOC File 05-10-2018
Letter regarding revised edusat schedule September - 2018 | PDF File | DOC File 11-09-2018
Letter regarding edusat schedule September - 2018 | PDF File | DOC File 30-08-2018
Repair and Maintenance of Edusat Equipments 23-08-2018
Padho Punjab Padhao Punjab meeting through Edusat 09-08-2018
Instructions for smooth functioning of Edusat 08-08-2018
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule August 2018  | Download (PDF) |Download (DOC) 30-07-2018
Regarding cancellation of Edusat Program scheduled from 23rd to 24th July 2018 20-07-2018
Change of time of Edusat programme of Secretary School Education 19-07-2018
Advertisement regarding recruitment under EDUSAT 10-07-2018
Cancellation of interview process of various posts of Edusat 07-07-2018
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule July-2018 | Download (PDF) |Download (DOC) 27-06-2018
Recruitment for various posts under Edusat 21-06-2018
Workshop of teachers for Edusat e-Contents 25-05-2018
Edusat Programme on Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign 09-05-2018
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule April and May 2018
Edusat Schedule April 2018 (PDF) | Edusat Schedule April 2018 (DOC)
Edusat Schedule May 2018 (PDF) | Edusat Schedule April 2018 (DOC)
Inauguration of Edusat Programme for Session 2018-19 20-04-2018
Postpone of Edusat meeting of School Heads 18-04-2018
Special Lecture on NDA Exam through Edusat 03-04-2018
Letter regarding Edusat Time Table for session 2018-19 | Download Time Table 30-03-2018
Repair and maintenance Edusat Equipments 22-03-2018
Repair and Maintenance of Edusat Equipments 05-03-2018
Letter regarding question bank prepared by Edusat 08-02-2018
Corrigendum regarding Edusat e-Library Tender 01-02-2018
Crash Course Material Edusat January 4th week 2018 25-01-2018
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule February 2018 | Download (DOC) |Download (PDF) 25-01-2018
Crash Course Material January Week-3 19-01-2018
Notice for Tender of Hardware AMC of Edusat E-Libraries || Tender Document 18-01-2018
Crash Course Material January Week-2 12-01-2018
Meeting regarding preparation for eContents 11-01-2018
Revised Letter reg. Edusat Schedule January-2018 | Schedule (PDF) | Schedule (DOC) 05-01-2018
Corrigendum regarding Tender of Edusat Studio Equipment 18-12-2017
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule Dec.- 2017 | Download PDF File | Download Doc File 30-11-2017
Corrigendum regarding AMC of EDUSAT Studio Equipments 08-11-2017
Edusat Telecast on 08-11-2017 regarding Pre-Primary Classes 07-11-2017
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule November - 2017 || PDF File | Word File 30-10-2017
Tender for Edusat Studio Equipments 23-10-2017
Use of space technology in Education sector 23-10-2017
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule October-2017 | Download Schedule 27-09-2017
Presentation given by SSE through Edusat on 13-09-2017 14-09-2017
Parho Punjab meeting through Edusat 14-09-2017
Video Clips of Best Practices of Government Schools 13-09-2017
Address by Secretary School Education through Edusat Network 11-09-2017
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule September-2017 || Download Edusat Schedule 29-08-2017
Repair Maintenance of EDUSAT Equipments from Amalgamated Funds 28-07-2017
Letter reg. EDUSAT Schedule August-2017 || Download Schedule 21-07-2017
Regarding working and non-working ROTs and E-Libraries 12-07-2017
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule July, 2017 || Download Schedule 29-06-2017
Digital Citizenship and Cyber Wellness Olympiad 20-06-2017
Letter for EDUSAT Schedule May-2017 || Download Schedule 30-04-2017
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule April- 2017 || Download Schedule 12-04-2017
Regarding Inquiry of theft cases of Edusat Peripherals 06-04-2017
Time Table for Edusat Programs for New Session 2017-18 21-03-2017
Inquiry of theft cases of edusat peripherals 05-03-2017
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule February- 2017 || Download Schedule 31-01-2017
Changes in Edusat Schedule January - 2017 07-01-2017
Letter for EDUSAT Schedule January-2017 || Download Edusat Schedule 02-01-2017
Inquiry of theft items of Edusat 12-12-2016
Letter for Edusat Schedule December- 2016 || Download Edusat Schedule 30-11-2016
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule November-2016  || Download Schedule 01-11-2016
Seeking proposals from teachers to deliver lectures from Edusat 13-10-2016
Letter reg. EDUSAT Schedule October-2016 || Download Schedule 27-09-2016
Use of space technology in Education Sector 01-09-2016
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule September 2016 || Download Schedule 31-08-2016
Seeking Information of Schools without ROTs 02-08-2016
Letter for Edusat Schedule August 2016 || Download Schedule 28-06-2016
Edusat programme on "Intensified Diarrhea Control Fortnight" 23-06-2016
Letter reg. EDUSAT Schedule July-2016 || Download Schedule 23-06-2016
Prevention from theft of Edusat peripherals 27-05-2016
Seeking Expression of Interest for Vidya TV 21-05-2016
Brain Storming Workshop by Edusat 29-04-2016
Letter reg. EDUSAT Schedule May-2016 || Download Schedule 29-04-2016
Detail of deductions made by PES against ROTs 18-04-2016
EDUSAT program for Wednesday 20-04-2016 18-04-2016
Inauguration of EDUSAT programs for the session 2016-17 16-04-2016
Letter reg. Special Program on Mai Bhago Army Preparatory Institute for Girls through EDUSAT 11-04-2016
Letter regarding Lecture on Mass Deworming of all Children through EDUSAT 11-04-2016
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule April-2016  ||  Schedule 04-04-2016
Seminar on Water and Sanitation Dept. through Edusat 31-03-2016
Letter reg. Minutes of 58th EDUSAT Sectoral Committee Meeting held on 14-03-2016
»  Minutes of Meeting
Edusat Time Table 2016-17 (April To September) 21-03-2016
EDUSAT Equipments Reports received form the Districts 21-03-2016
EDUSAT 58th Sectoral Committee Meeting to be held on 14-03-2016
Agenda | Proposed Time Table-1 | Proposed Time Table-2
HCL E-Labs Up Time cum Penalty Report For Computer Labs Installed under EDUSAT Project 10-03-2016
HCL E-Labs Up Time cum Penalty Report For Computer Labs Installed under EDUSAT Project 16-02-2016
HCL E-Labs Late Installation/Delivery Penalty Report 16-02-2016
Multimedia Contents for Students and Teachers 03-02-2016
Free Android ROBOMATE App for Students 03-02-2016
Change in Edusat Schedule February, 2016 for preparation of Competitive Exams 01-02-2016
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule February, 2016 || Download Schedule 27-01-2016
Change in Programmes of Edusat for January-2016 25-01-2016
Regarding change in time for Special Edusat Program 11-01-2016
Edusat ROT Troubleshooting Manual 28-12-2015
Letter for EDUSAT Schedule, January - 2016 || Download Schedule 24-12-2015
Special Program for 11th and 12th Students through EDUSAT
Crash course material for preparation of competitive exams
Biology  || Chemistry || Mathematics || Physics
Regarding Feedback of RMSA Training Program being conducted through Edusat 09-12-2015
Revised Edusat Schedule December- 2015 30-11-2015
Letter reg. Edusat Schedule December - 2015 || Download Schedule 26-11-2015
Letter regarding Telecast of Special Programs through EDUSAT 24-11-2015
Special Program For School Students through Edusat | Schedule November - 2015 07-11-2015
Letter for EDUSAT Schedule November-2015 || Download Schedule 27-10-2015
Letter regarding EDUSAT Schedule October, 2015 || Download Schedule 30-09-2015
PM Interaction with Students on Teachers' Day through Edusat 01-09-2015
Special Programme for 10th Class Toper Students through Edusat 27-08-2015
Letter reg. Edusat Programs Schedule September-2015 || Download Schedule 24-08-2015
Special Telecast on APJ Abdul Kalam through Edusat 20-08-2015
Participation of Students and Teachers in Edusat Programs 14-08-2015
EDUSAT Schedule for August -2015 || Download Schedule 22-07-2015
Letter regarding EDUSAT Schedule July - 2015 ||  Download Schedule 24-06-2015
Repair and Maintenance of Edusat Equipments 09-06-2015
NILE Leadership Awards - 2015 03-06-2015
Uptime cum penalty report for computer labs installed under Edusat Project 01-06-2015
Interaction of Education Minister with School Heads and Subject Teachers through Edusat 11-05-2015
Letter for EDUSAT Revised Schedule May-2015 || Download Schedule 11-05-2015
EOI Document by Edusat for Diagnose and Rectify Technical Issues 07-05-2015
Letter for EDUSAT programs Schedule May-2015 || Download Schedule 27-04-2015
Address By DGSE to Teacher and Students through Edusat 08-04-2015
Revised letter for Edusat Program on National Rural Drink Water and Sanitations Awareness Week 12-03-2015
Edusat Time Table for 2015-16 10-03-2015
Edusat Program on National Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Awareness Week 10-03-2015
Celebration of National Rural Drinking and Sanitation Awareness Week 03-03-2015
Letter regarding EDUSAT Schedule February-2015 | Download Schedule 20-01-2015
Edusat Schedule January, 2015 || Download Schedule 26-12-2014
Special Program for preparing Students for Annual & Competitive Exams | Download Schedule 11-12-2014
Letter regarding EDUSAT Schedule December-2014 || Download Schedule 26-11-2014
Special EDUSAT Program to promote Punjabi 21-11-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule November-2014 || Download Schedule 27-10-2014
Edusat Schedule for MMMS & NTSE Coaching for October, 2014 15-10-2014
Public Notice for Tender of Insurance of Satellite Equipments || Download Tender Document 06-10-2014
Letter reg. EDUSAT Schedule October-2014 || Download Schedule 23-09-2014
Telecast of "Entry of Indian Mars Orbiter in Mars" through Edusat 22-09-2014
EDUSAT ROT Troubleshooting Guidelines 04-09-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule September-2014 | Download Schedule 27-08-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule for August 2014 || Download Schedule 28-07-2014
Edusat Program Schedule for July 2014 16-07-2014
Telecast of Punjabi Feature Film "Karmi" on Doordarshan Punjabi (DD Punjabi) 27-06-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule - July 2014  || Download Schedule 24-06-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule - May 2014  || Download Schedule 28-04-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule - April 2014  || Download Schedule 26-03-2014
Soft Skills Development Program Workbook (Part-II) for Class 12th 19-03-2014
Revised Edusat Time Table Session 2014-15 11-03-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Programme Schedule Session 2014-15 || Copy of Schedule 03-03-2014
Changes in Edusat January-February,2014 Schedule 28-01-2014
Training to School Heads on Safe School Vahan Scheme through Edusat 27-01-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule February, 2014 || Copy of Schedule 24-01-2014
EDUSAT Program Telecast on Safe School Vahan Scheme 21-01-2014
Edusat RTI Mannual 08-01-2014
Crash Course Programme for Double Shift Schools through Edusat 03-01-2014
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule January, 2014 || Copy of Schedule 26-12-2013
Letter regarding revised EDUSAT Time Table Winter 19-12-2013
Crash Course for Medical and Non-Medical Students through Edusat
Schedule for Crash Course  || Download Study Material
Letter regarding National Science Movie Festival & Competition 2014 28-11-2013
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule December, 2013 || Copy of Schedule 22-11-2013
Special Program through Edusat on Vector Born diseases 23-10-2013
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule November, 2013 || Download Time Table & Schedule  23-10-2013
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule October, 2013 || Download Schedule  || Download Time Table 30-09-2013
Letter regarding entrance exam for admission in Sainik Schools 17-09-2013
Maintenance and fault rectification of EDUSAT Equipments 11-09-2013
Special Lecture through EDUSAT on Drug Abuse 06-09-2013
Edusat program for NTSE & NMMS competition exam. preparation 06-09-2013
Training of School Heads on Financial & Taxation matters through Edusat 04-09-2013
Electrical Mains Supply in the Edusat E-Libraries | School List & Performa 02-09-2013
Revised Schedule for training of School Heads on financial matters through Edusat 30-08-2013
Legal Literacy Mission Program through Edusat on 04-09-2013 30-08-2013
Training on financial matters for School Heads through Edusat 26-08-2013
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule September, 2013 || Copy of Schedule 22-08-2013
Revised Edusat Time Table - 2013 20-08-2013
Soft skills workbook for +1 Students 13-08-2013
Live telecast "Meet a Scientist" through Edusat on 17-08-2013 08-08-2013
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule for August, 2013 || Copy of Schedule 24-07-2013
Maintenance and complaints of Edusat equipments   || Do's & Dont's 24-05-2013
Registration of complaints for Edusat Library, SITs and ROTs 23-05-2013
Letter regarding theft of Edusat Equipments 21-05-2013
Letter regarding Edusat Time Schedule May-2013 || Time Schedule 29-04-2013
Refresher Training Manual for Josh under EDUSAT 09-04-2013
Use of Edusat Labs by ICT First Phase Schools 28-03-2013
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule (April-2013) || Edusat Schedule 22-03-2013
Soft Skills training of English Teachers through Edusat 19-03-2013
EDUSAT Time Table for Session 2013 19-02-2013
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule February, 2013 || Schedule 19-02-2013
Training Mannual for State Wide Program on Soft Skills Development 18-02-2013
Soft Skill Training of English teachers teaching classes 11th & 12th 11-02-2013
No Edusat Telecast on 18-01-13 due to holiday 17-01-2013
Letter regarding Question Bank for Students by Edusat
Biology 11th-12th || Geography 11th-12th || History 11th-12th || Math 8th
Math 9th || Math 10th || Math 11th-12th || Science 8th || Science 9th
Science 10th || Social Science 8th || Social Science 9th || Social Science 10th
Edusat program on 2nd Saturday for preparation of Competitive Exam for Medical & Non-Medical Students 10-01-2013
Crash course material for preparation of competitive exams
Biology  || Chemistry || Mathematics || Physics
Awareness among students for technical courses 28-12-2012
Tenders are called for maintenance of ROTs and SITs of Edusat 26-12-2012
Letter regarding Edusat Schedule of January-2013 || Schedule
>> Revised Time Table (updated on 08-01-2013)
Letter regarding Question Bank for Students by Edusat
Chemistry || Commerce || Physical Education || Physics || Political Science
Punjabi Elective 11th || Punjabi Elective 12th || Punjabi General || Hindi
Economics || English
Edusat Time Schedule - December, 2012 26-11-2012
Edusat Time Schedule - November, 2012 26-10-2012
Edusat Time Schedule October-2012 01-10-2012
Letter regarding September Edsat Schedule || Schedule for Edusat Lecture- September, 2012 31-08-2012
Schedule for Edusat Lecture- August, 2012 03-08-2012
Edusat Time Schedule July-2012   26-06-2012
RTI Mannual of Edusat   26-06-2012
Question Bank for classes 8th to 12th  || History  || Geography  || Economics || || Pol. Science
Crash course by Pb. Edusat Society for students appearing in competitive Exams of AIEEE/PMT - 2O12  || Time Schedule